We produce eco packages

Our products are made of Mongolian pine owing to which they are biodegradable and fully ecological.

About us

SANXIE BAOZHUANG (Chinese 三协包装) is a Chinese-Japanese wooden eco packages manufacturer. The beginning of the company goes back to 1990s. when the People’s Republic of China created the Dalian Development Area (DDA, Chinese 大连开发区) and first Chinese-Japanese businesses emerged.


Our products are fully ecological and are made of thin sheets of the Mongolian pine.


Since the products are made of 100% natural half-products, they undergo the biodegradation process easily.



We’ve been manufacturing the eco packages for over 20 years. We are a reliable partner for the Japanese distributors.


The material used for the production process comes from the areas covered by rational logging that are FSC certified.


Main features of our products


The food is protected from deterioration owing to bactericidal and fungicidal properties.


The products are reusable, which adds to their popularity.

Wide choice of shapes

Our offer includes the variety of shapes, e.g. baskets, cups, cones or bowls.

Comfort and light weight

Light weight of the packages offers the comfortable use even in the case of larger sizes.


An individual packaging needed?

In order to adjust to the needs of our customers we are ready to prepare any individual eco packaging. To get one please contact us via phone or the contact form.