„Food packages made of thin wooden sheets”

Packages of thin wooden sheets for serving various starters, as well as fresh food. It is a reusable product becoming more and more popular in Europe. Owing to the small size it fits each table. In the case of larger sizes, its light weight ensures comfortable usage in place of the traditional ceramic platter. Packages made of thin wooden sheets are a perfect ecological alternative for classical dishes for starters and others. They’re fit for storing fresh fruit, mushrooms, cold meat and cheese on store shelves and eco stalls. The packages are safe and don’t change the taste of the dishes even in contact with semi-liquid products. They’re not fit for storing liquids.


A boat-shaped bowl is the most popular one, due to unique aesthetic values. Our offer also includes other shapes like baskets, cups, cones and round or square bowls.


In its majority the bowls are made of FSC certified wood:

  • Birch tree offers light colour and adds the sense of freshness to the stored products.
  • The ultra-light weight of poplar offers comfort of usage.
  • The Mongolian pine elevates our products a level higher owing to the natural antiseptic properties (bactericidal and fungicidal), which protect fresh food from deterioration and prolong the best before date of the products kept in the packages.

Ecology and health

Our products are made of unique, renewable and biodegradable material being natural wood according to PN-EN 13432: Packaging. Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation*.

Eco glue is an important connecting element with trace amounts of formaldehyde, but containing no phosphorus. Initially, a 100% natural glue from starch was used, but after a longer period the packages got damaged on the connections due to high auto-biodegradability (flour is a perfect nutrient for bacteria and fungi). The use of “E0” class eco glue (i.e. the content of formaldehyde < 1 mg/m; < 1 ppm), meaning the content of formaldehyde in glue equals the content of formaldehyde (natural antiseptic) in dry wood, which complies with the highest REACH European norm **.

* DIN EN 13432 is a European standard applying for compostable materials. Upon proper industrial composting over 90% of the product biodegraded after 80 days. After 6 months the smallest particles under 2 mm of size underwent full biodegradation.

** Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH) entered into force on 1st June 2007. REACH stands for: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. As an EU regulation REACH applies equally in all member states.